Specializing in the production of certified Nitinol intestinal stents

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There are CE, FDA certification quality assurance, support samples and customization, fast delivery

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Standard Coated
Tracheal/Bronchial stents
The highly varied selection of self-expanding stents for the respiratory tracts offers you the right solution for every
Al in all, different diameters of 14 and 16mm in addition to different lengths of between 40 to 60 mm are available.
Spherical ends in addition to the high radial force of the stent ensure a firm hold and minimize migration risk.


Key Benefits

●Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends
●Excellent positional stability
●High radial force
●Resistant and elastic covering
●Fully covered stents available
●High radiopacity
●Compatible guide-wire up to 0.035 inches

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  • 1.Full Certificates: CE, FDA, ISO 13485 and etc.
    2.Competitive Price and Bulk Stock
    3.Professional Sales team, Technical team, QC team and After-sales team
    4.Free logo design and customized
    5.The Third Party on Inspection is Acceptable.
    6.Payment: TT, LC, and Alibaba Assurance Order

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